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Fintech, Blockchain & Art/Entertainment

Marco Calamassi, also known by the nickname Cala, is a Tech/Blockchain expert, Art collector & Entertainment personality and entrepreneur. He works in the digital space since 2012 and in the fintech/blockchain space since 2015. Marco Calamassi has active roles in @decentralized, a Blockchain development agency, in STREETH, a Street Art NFTs powerhouse and in ORCASa Blockchain Venture Capital firm. 

His book Shaping The Reality of 2050 has been cited as a “Top Book A Marketer and Developer Must Read In 2020”.





Since I was a kid, I was fascinated by new realities, ecosystems and “worlds”, whether tangible or intangible, realistic or fictitious.

As an adult, I applied the same curiosity to ventures and business opportunities and that led me to partnering with great people, joining amazing ventures and growing as an individual.

It’s an infinite journey across challenges and rewards. Roadblocks and positive surprises. As long as your work ethic is unshakeable and your desire for growth is intact, it will be a pleasant journey.


A bit of a backstory. Crucial steps.

  • 1997

    Internet was the new thing and Ebay a new futuristic player. At 10, I started importing containers of sneakers from China. I hired a Chinese translator, found a supplier, got the containers on a boat and have them delivered to my door in Italy. I flipped each container on Ebay for a 7-9x markup.

  • 2002

    I opened a web store selling all kinds of outdoor "fun". Games, toys, tools. Redirecting traffic from classified sites and having it plugged into an Ebay store. I was making 5 figure, at 16.

  • 2005

    I started managing my family businesses as school was not my "reality". Property management, retail stores & overall financial oversight was my daily duty.

  • 2008

    Relocated to USA. First California, I spent 9 months around Malibu and Santa Monica, I was 19. I fell in love with the American "freedom of venture" and that overall vibe of "anything is possible".

  • 2010

    Moved to Miami. It felt like "my place" at first sight. Bought a place, opened a retail store (my family business), got my VISA, enhanced my mindset and quickly noticed the switch that was happening in the human behaviors: online was becoming mass adopted.

  • 2014

    Launched my first Digital Marketing agency and dived into eCommerce. Facebook Groups networking, Facebook Ads courses and good intros made me become a Media Buyer and Fb Ads expert with online stores grossing 4-5 figure a day.

  • 2015

    To pay for a service, I was instructed to buy Bitcoin. Didn't know what that was. I met with a guy in a parking slot and swapped cash for bitcoin. I was hooked. I happened to become an ICO manager and fundraising expert for cryptos and blockchain based companies under the nickname of Cryptos Wolf.

  • 2016

    I invested in several fintech and blockchain companies in Seed and Private rounds. I run my own boutique VC and quickly understood the potential of being on the development side of things. These years built the foundation of what today are Orcas Vc, Decentralized and the companies we incubate and launch.



You can reach out to me using my social channels linked above. Or use the following mediums:

ADDRESS: 888 Biscayne Blvd, Miami, FL